Mondo Releasing Batman: The Animated Series Vinyl Set


Mondo is great at putting out unique stuff for fans, and their latest is no exception.

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Mondo is releasing a vinyl box set with scores from some of their favorite episodes from the seminal Batman: The Animated Series. The set will include six 4×6 screen-printed handbills featuring the villains from the episode “Almost Got ‘Im (my personal favorite episode of the show) and here’s the list of the scores that will be included in Mondo’s box vinyl set:

"“Two-Face: Part 1” composed by Shirley Walker“Two-Face: Part 2” composed by Shirley Walker“On Leather Wings” composed by Shirley Walker“Terror In The Sky” composed by Shirley Walker“Almost Got ‘Im” composed by Stuart Balcomb“The Man Who Killed Batman” composed by Shirley Walker“Heart Of Ice” composed by Todd Hayen“Deep Freeze” composed by Shirley Walker“Nothing To Fear” composed by Shirley Walker“If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich” composed by Carlos Rodriguez“Vendetta” composed by Michael McCuistion“Mudslide” composed by Shirley Walker“Joker’s Favor”composed by Shirley Walker“Harlequinade” composed by Shirley Walker“Beware The Gray Ghost” composed by Carl Swander Johnson“Fire From Olympus” composed by Shirley Walker."

Mondo’s Batman: The Animated Series vinyl box set will be available for pre-order this November. Mondo will announce when the set goes on sale on their twitter account.

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