Batman Red Son Figure Will Cost Many Rubles


Red Son is a Superman story. One where Superman was raised in the Soviet Union. In Red Son, instead of Truth, Justice & The American Way, Comrade Superman fights for Stalinism, Socialism, and the expansion of the Warsaw Pact. Obviously events in the comic book universe turn out very differently if Superman is an agent of the Soviet Union.

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But even in the Soviet Union-led world of Red Son, there is a Batman. And not surprisingly, even though he is a Russian orphan who’s parents were murdered by the KGB and not a wealthy billionaire, he’s still a symbol of rebellion against Superman.

Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a Premium Format Batman figure based on his appearance in Red Son, and like many of Sideshow Collectibles products, it’s not cheap, weighing in at a hefty $490. This is in line with their other Red Son figures of Superman & Wonder Woman, so it’s not horribly surprising, but still extremely pricey. If you have interest in this Batman Red Son figure, there isn’t an official release date just yet, but can pre-order it starting October 1st (and they will most likely offer a payment plan option as they do with most of their figures). My guess is it will ship around the same time as the other two figures, so probably late summer/early fall of next year. A long wait, but lots of time to pay it of in smaller installments too if you really want one.


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