Classics Collection Two-Face Coming In 2016


Tweeterhead is known for doing high quality figures, including their “classics collection” line, which includes inspired classic takes on Batwoman, Penguin and coming soon, Two-Face!

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Two-Face is getting hos own “classics collection” figure due out in Q1 of 2016. This particular style of Two-Face is based on Dick Sprang’s work, who worked on Batman for nearly 20 years from the early 40s to the early 60s. It’s pretty gruesome, but that’s what you should expect out of a Two-Face figure, frankly. It’s also a pretty gruesome price at roughly $235. That definitely puts this well out my perspective price range. But if you’ve got someone who is both a fan of Two-Face and golden era comics, this might be one of the best gifts they could ever receive (and with that price you are probably off the hook for any other gifts for a long time!). Again, this Classics Collection Two-Face figure won’t be available til Q1 2016, but you can pre-order it now (and it’s only limited to 100 pieces) from Tweeterhead’s website.

h/t Comics Alliance

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