LINE Webtoon Gives Star Wars Digital Comic Its U.S. Debut


Think Marvel has the only Star Wars comics around right now? That might be true for physical comics, but LINE Webtoon is debuting a Star Wars digital comic series that has never been released before in the U.S.

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Simply titled Star Wars, the series was created by artist Hong Jacga and originally released in his native Korea. While not a straight adaptation of the Original Trilogy, it is set during the events of the first three films and tells a tale from Luke Skywalker’s point-of-view while growing up on Tatooine. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Jacga carefully includes much of the source material in his story while interpreting it through his own unique art style.

The first chapter takes us all the way back to when Luke was only seven, and we discover that his longing for adventure among the stars goes back even further than we might have thought. We also get to see one of Luke’s early meetings with Obi-Wan Kenobi and dig into his famous story about killing womp rats in his younger days. It’s a coming-of-age saga, albeit one with dangerous creatures, spaceships and the Force.

“Our fans in the United States are in for something special as they now have a chance to dive into the epic Star Wars story in a totally new way, only on LINE Webtoon,” JunKoo Kim, founder and head of LINE Webtoon, said in a press release. “This immersive digital comic experience offers a brand new experience for Star Wars fans and perfectly showcases the appeal of our digital storytelling format.”

Yet he may have left out the best part. The Star Wars digital comic is free at the LINE Webtoon website ( or the platform’s iOS or Android apps. Take off for Tatooine and beyond in a whole new way by checking out the first three chapters today.

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