Batman Unlimited Shorts Come to a Conclusion


The series of Batman Unlimited shorts airing on the DC Kids YouTube channel came to an end last month, when the last of the 22 shorts, “Armored Truck Heist” was uploaded.  The series, which premiered this past May, was based on the Batman Unlimited toy line by Mattel.  It was also airing in conjunction with two Batman Unlimited direct-to-video animated films that were released this summer.

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The shorts were each about three minutes long (including credits), and they were mostly void of dialogue.  They featured characters from the two films, but they also introduced a few new ones from the toy line that didn’t appear in the films, like Mr. Freeze and Bane.  This series is really the closest thing we’re getting right now to a replacement for the Beware the Batman series on Cartoon Network, which is disappointing, but we got some great action in some of the shorts.  Here are the top five shorts that were made:

5) Fight Night at the Museum

This short is a Batman and Red Robin team-up against one of my favorite Batman villains, Scarecrow, at a museum.  At the beginning, there’s some pretty nice fighting, and then Red Robin gets hit with the fear gas.  This is one of the rare times there is dialogue in the shorts, coming in the form of a “Nice!” by Red Robin.

4) Iced Out

Here’s a solo Batman one, and we get the Batman Unlimited animated debut of Mr. Freeze.  The Batplane has some pretty awesome flying action in this one, but Freeze takes it down.  Then Batman and Freeze go at it on foot, with Batman using an awesome move to blow up the freeze gun.

3) No Joke

Joker just had to make this list.  Batman and Green Arrow join up to take down the Clown Prince of Crime in this short.  The pairing is pretty cool; the last time I could remember seeing it was on The Batman (although upon searching, I saw that it happened in Batman: The Brave and the Bold more recently).  A wide array of Joker’s toys are featured in this one, which is pretty fun as Batman and Green Arrow chase him around a warehouse.

2) Red Robin and Nightwing Take Down Killer Croc

I always loved the older brother-younger brother dynamic that developed between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake in The New Batman Adventures, and this was reminiscent of it.  We get to see a cool move where Red Robin and Nightwing dodge a manhole cover, and then they attack Croc down in the sewer with a tad bit of help from Batman.

1) Armored Truck Heist

The finale gets the top spot.  The Batmobile action in this short is superb.  Clayface morphs into a wheel, and Batman chases him around Gotham in the Batmobile.  The best part is when we get to see Batman employ the Batmobile’s hover jets!  And at the end of the short, Batman uses a technique very much like the one he used in Batman Returns to take down the clown holding Selina Kyle hostage (does the line “You missed!” jog your memory on that?).

The shorts are over, but maybe we will get a third movie installment to feature Mr. Freeze and/or Bane?  Also, an companion app to the shorts and movie was supposed to be released and hasn’t been yet, so maybe we could see that soon as well?  Drop me a comment with your favorite shorts and where you would like to see Batman Unlimited go from here.

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