Joker Nendoroid Is Adorably Terrifying


What the heck is a Nendoroid? Well it’s really just an generally adorable figure of a well-known character featuring a large head and a tiny body, with exchangeable body parts for multiple poses. Nendoroids generally focus on video game & anime characters (i.e. there are plenty based on Nintendo characters), but occasionally they go a little outside that box. Earlier this year, a Batman Nendoroid was released, and admittedly, it’s pretty cute. Now a Joker Nendoroid has been announced for early next year, and while he could be considered adorable, it’s also justifiable to say he’s kind of scary.

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This Joker Nendoroid is obviously based on the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight movie, and will have movable back, left and right sides so you can pose him pretty much however you like. This cute/terrifying of the clown prince of crime will ship in February for about $30, but you can pre-order it right now. Not a bad price, but I might be afraid a doll like that might come to life at night, frankly…

h/t Robot 6

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