New Robot Chicken DC Comics III Magical Friendship Trailers


Robot Chicken has another special mocking the hell out of DC Comics coming out October 18th. Titled “Robot Chicken DC Comics III Magical Friendship”, aside from the assortment of random skits, the special will focus on the rivalry between DC’s top two heroes, Batman & Superman.

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And we’ve got two new Robot Chicken DC Comics III Magical Friendship trailers for you to check out. The first is a standard trailer that was shown at this year’s New York City Comic Con and shows skits such as exploring the fact that Batman keeps a file on all his allies on how to exploit their greatest weaknesses. The second trailer has a fun “choose your adventure” aspect to it where you make choices to unlock different clips from the special. Check out both trailers below:

Robot Chicken DC Comics III Magical Friendship airs October 18th on Cartoon Network at midnight and looks to be the best special yet.

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