Batman: Bad Blood Is About Awkward Superheroes


Batman: Bad Blood is an animated DC film coming out sometime in 2016, and while you might think it’s primarily a Batman film, it’s actually more about lesser known Batman allies such as Batwoman & Batwing, both making their first appearance outside of the comic book realm. In fact, Batman: Bad Blood is about how awkward things get between the heroes without Batman around, as producer James Tucker explained in an interview with Comics Alliance:

"We had this idea that Batman is the central spoke in the wheel of characters, and the premise of this movie is, what if Batman were gone? How do those characters deal with each other when they’re used to having Batman there as a referee. It’s kind of like when you have friends, and there’s one common guy who’s friends with everyone, but when that guy is gone it’s really awkward. That’s basically the movie, awkward superheroes trying to get along."

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Sounds like the most relatable superhero movie EVER. Batman: Bad Blood is due out sometime next year.

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