This BTAS Joker Bust Seems Fishy…


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New merchandise based on the seminal Batman: The Animated series is always welcome, and this new Joker Bust from Entertainment Earth is no exception.

This particular Joker Bust is exclusive to Entertainment Earth and is a 6-inch resin statue based the episode titled “The Laughing Fish”. In The Laughing Fish, mutated fish with white skin and Joker’s trademark grin are flooding Gotham, but aside from their ghastly and unappetizing appearance, they seem perfectly safe to eat. But of course, there is more behind this than the Clown Prince Of Crime having the fish of Gotham bear his unique look. It is in fact a rather hair-brained scheme to make a mint off the fishing industries of Gotham. The Joker’s look (especially his grin) is after all, his trademark, so he figures if the fish look like him, he should get a cut. He even made an ad campaign for these Joker Fish, and you can check it out below:

I actually don’t think this is one of the better episodes of Batman: The Animated series (except for the great episode “Joker’s Millions”, the Joker rarely cares about money). But this bust still looks really cool, especially with Joker holding one of his fish and the document that proves he owns them. Again, this is an Entertainment Earth exclusive, with a limited run of 1,000 pieces. It’s a pretty reasonable price of $54.99. You can pre-order the bust directly from Entertainment Earth now, but it will not ship until sometime in February, so if you are thinking about it as a Christmas gift, make sure it’s someone who doesn’t mind waiting a couple of months.

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