Deadpool Definitely Has A Post-Credits Scene


Unless you just recently arrived here from a parallel Earth, you know by now to stay until the very end of the credits at Marvel movies due to the likelihood (though not certainty, ahem, Avengers: Age of Ultron) that there will be a post-credits scene or stinger, as the cool movie kids like to call them. Does that same likelihood apply to Marvel movies that aren’t made by Marvel, like, say, Deadpool?

We know the answer thanks to the fan events in New York and L.A. that showed the entire movie to pleasantly surprised attendees. Some of them have social media accounts and were happy to share some non-spoiler details of what they’ve seen, including whether you can get up and go once the credits start rolling. Hint: You can’t.

Here’s what Rachel Howard had to say about the Deadpool post-credits scene on Twitter:

Deadpool commenting on the movie you just saw or talking about the possibility of a sequel would be utterly appropriate and a lot of fun as well, so hopefully that’s what she’s talking about. Howard didn’t answer follow-up tweets about whether or not there is a mid-credits scene to go with the one at the very end, but it wouldn’t surprise me. And now that you know you’re sticking around, you’ll still be in your seat for that one if there is.

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Maybe we’ll amend our usual advice about staying through the credits of a Marvel movie to staying for any film that stars a Marvel character. We’ll have a chance to absorb Deadpool from beginning to the very end when it hits theaters on February 12.