Could Justice League Be Pushed Back In Favor Of Ben Affleck Batman Movie?


Remember when the Ben Affleck Batman was the thing that concerned fans the most about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? It seems like a lifetime ago now, especially with his version of the Dark Knight kicking so much butt in the film’s final trailer. Now things have come 180 degrees, to the point where one prominent entertainment news site is saying Warner Bros. might be willing to bet everything on their latest Bruce Wayne, even at the expense of movies that have already been announced — including Justice League.

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That somewhat surprising twist comes from HitFix, where Drew McWeeny voiced his opinion in a new video segment today that Warner Bros. might be “a little bit worried” that fan reaction to Batman v Superman isn’t at the fever pitch it would like to see. That’s an interesting and bold statement considering that it’s not hard to find sentiment around the internet today suggesting that the final trailer was the best one for the movie so far.

McWeeny went even further, though, saying that Batman v Superman would have to make $1 billion for people to keep their jobs. And if it doesn’t? He thinks the entire Warner Bros./DC superhero slate is going to reshuffled.

"I would be surprised if Justice League starts shooting when they say it’s going to. I would be equally surprised if Zach Snyder directed it. … My guess is what’s going to happen is Justice League’s going to get moved back, and that Ben Affleck Batman movie, that’s going to be what ends up in that spot."

We certainly don’t have any Hollywood sources here at Bam Smack Pow, but if Warner Bros. is convinced that the Ben Affleck Batman is the best thing going from Batman v Superman, it would be the safe play to double down on him. The idea that it might elbow its way up the release schedule isn’t a new one, as reports had been circulating as far back as last summer that a Batman standalone film would become a priority if the studio felt it had something good with Affleck.

Historically, too, the DC movies that have been the most successful have all featured the Dark Knight. It’s disappointing for comic book fans to think that other heroes who haven’t had time to shine on the big screen would be shelved for more Batman, but at the end of the day, the movie industry is first and foremost a business. Batman sells, and a kickass Batman sells even more.

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Naturally, this is the height of speculation at the moment. If Batman v Superman garners both critical acclaim and commercial success, the overall DCEU plan should proceed as announced. If it doesn’t … well, you’ve heard one man’s opinion on what might happen next.