Preview: Venom #6 From Marvel


Marvel Comics has released a preview of Venom #6, which will see the return of Eddie Brock as he reunites with the symbiote.

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics character Venom, you have an awful lot to be happy about right now.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Venom would be getting his own Spider-Verse miniseries titled Edge of the Venomverse. The book will see our hero team up with all the different version of the character that readers saw on various Marvel variant covers a few months ago.

Then it was revealed that the Venom feature film from Sony was not only back in development but has a release date of Oct. 5, 2018. How and if it will tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to be revealed, but it is just the first of many Spider-Man themed films coming from Sony in the next few years.

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Now Marvel has released a preview of Venom #6, which will see the long-awaited return of Eddie Brock to the world of the character.

For those that need a bit of a refresher, Eddie Brock is the original host for the Venom symbiote as seen in the classic Amazing Spider-Man #300. Since he parted ways with the symbiote, Venom has gone through a long list of hosts, including at one point Flash Thompson (I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one), none of whom have endeared themselves to readers.

Venom #6 will be written by Mike Costa and feature artwork by Gerardo Sandoval. Since it was relaunched last year and dropped the whole “Space Knight” angle, Venom has been an interesting series, but pretty far from the category of “must read” every month.

Marvel obviously hopes that the return of Brock, combined with renumbering the book to #150 in May, will give Venom the sales bump it likely desperately needs.

From the Marvel solicitation:

"It’s a battle for the ages as new Venom host Lee Price throws down with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! But amid the chaos and the fury of battle, a familiar face returns! That’s right, Eddie Brock is back to reclaim his rightful place as the one-and-only Venom! Can symbiote and host coexist as they once did? With Eddie Brock back on the board, what will become of Lee Price?"

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Venom #6 will go on sale in comic shops and digitally on April 19, 2017 and will include a cover by Sandoval. The book will also include variant covers by Todd McFarlane and Dan Mora.