DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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6. Batman

There hasn’t been a Batman sighting in the Arrowverse yet, though we did get a Bruce Wayne Easter Egg. On Fox, there’s Gotham where we get to see an origin story of both Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne, along with a number of others. While young Bruce didn’t make the list, his adult version currently being played by Ben Affleck has. The fans have deemed him Batfleck, and he’s been featured on three of the DCEU’s Batman v Superman, a cameo in Suicide Squad, Justice League and a name drop in Wonder Woman.

This Batman is an emotionality badgered seasoned vet who uses more vicious tactics to deal with criminals. In BvS we saw him shooting and maybe even murder a bad guy or two. It’s not until Superman sacrifices himself that Batman turns over new leaf. Still, this Batman is an absolute bad ass — he’s a huge brute with skills that allowed him to take down a warehouse full of gun-toting bad guys. With his intellect, endless array or weapons, money, experience, and fighting skills it’s safe to say he’s one of the baddest heroes in the DC Universe. However, we have very little idea to what extent does his fight training go. For example, has he been trained by Lady Shiva? Of course, that has everything to do with his past, which is a huge mystery. Let’s hope the DCEU can get us the Matt Reeves’ Batman solo movie soon.