DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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5. Supergirl

Kara Zor-El is a little bit different than she’s been depicted in other DCU formats. She’s not an alien who just recently crash landed, instead, she’s been on earth for years. Although her cousin, Superman is an established hero, Kara, now Kara Danvers opted to steer clear of being a hero. That was until her adoptive sister Alex was involved in an accident that sent her plane crash landing. With no other choice, Kara had to use her powers to save not just her sister but the other passengers on the plane. That day Supergirl was born.

Though she had some struggles, with the help of the DEO and her sister, she would fine-tune her skills. Kara doesn’t just rely on brute strength she’s trained in hand to hand combat and tactical training. As Supergirl she not only took down some of the most dangerous super-powered villains like Red Tornado but she fought through Kryptonite in her fight against Rhea and even defeated Superman. With her ability to hold it down in as a pure fighter on top of the power she has from the yellow sun — Supergirl is easily one of the most powerful in the DCU.