DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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3. Green Arrow

Arrow is the show that grandfathered the Arrowverse. But, what makes Green Arrow one of DCU’s greatest heroes is the hell he’s been through, his journey and the perseverance he’s displayed time and time again. There’s arguably no greater hero more equipped than the CW’s Green Arrow in all of the DCU. For fans of the show, we got to see that made him the ass-kicking bow-wielding crime fighter we know and love. Oliver Queen is the seasoned vet when it comes to longevity. Fans have loved Stephen Amell’s portray of the Emerald Archer for six seasons. As the story goes, Oliver spent years on a hellacious island before returning home to save Starling City.

During his tenure as Starling City’s hero, Green Arrow has taken down some the toughest bad guys, from superhuman to the supernatural, he’s seen it all. As a matter of fact, part of what makes him absolutely elite is that he’s been trained by a number of different people who specialize in combat. From Deathstroke to the League of Assassins leader Ras al Ghul, his training as allowed him to defeat villains that would have been too much for some. Oliver may have a bit of a gray area when it comes to how he deals with criminals but hasn’t stopped him from being looked at as a mentor. He single-handedly trained and mentored a number of Arrowverse heroes including Roy Harper and of course Spartan. When Barry was struggling with being a hero, it was Oliver who helped him to become a better one. Oliver even trained a team of heroes which include Dinah Drake aka Black Canary II, Wilddog, and Mr. Terrific. Although he stepped down from the Green Arrow mantle (more than once), there hasn’t been anyone who could protect Star City like the Green Arrow.