X-Men: 7 actors who could play Wolverine in the MCU

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5. Andrew Lincoln 

At this point Andrew Lincoln is associated with one thing, AMC’s The Walking Dead. As Rick Grimes, he is Wolverine personified. Rick is a leader who’ll do anything to make sure the people he loves survives. He’s a rugged former sheriff who has become a vicious leader that does things his way sometimes without a moral code.

From his voice to his look, Lincoln’s portrayal as the star of the hit series has given fans a reason to get behind him to play Wolverine. Lincoln may also seem familiar to other fans from his role as Mark in the romantic comedy Love Actually. If you don’t know, Lincoln has arguably the most memorable scenes from the 2003 hit.

Lincoln (44) is five years younger than Hugh Jackman and could play the role for quite some time. An older Wolverine would help push the story arch of him as a mentor. After all, played a pivotal role in the development of younger X-Men characters like Kitty Pryde and especially Jubilee. Also, the X-23 element could still be in play. As Marvel enters its next phase that will likely involve the X-Men, maybe they’d want to go older for Wolverine.