Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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9. Guardians of the Galaxy – The Loser Speech

The Guardians of the Galaxy’s strength is, it features a ragtag group of miscreants that are generally on the wrong side of the law throughout the cosmos. They are characters who do not fit in with most others and are marked by the suffering that drives them. It is through shared hardship that they even come together to face a common enemy, having bickered their way through most of their journey thus far.

Despite having innumerable differences, the team must rally. Their leader, Star-Lord, delivers a speech that while clunky is a stirring reminder that they are the only ones in a position to do the right thing.

The character work is great, and the speech is well written but I think there is a layer given to this scene by its cast. It was the first ensemble film in the MCU that was cast for the film. None of the characters or actors worked within the MCU before, so the film was really the group jumping into the franchise headfirst. Chris Pratt’s delivery is strong, and the knowledge that it moved Dave Bautista to tears makes me love this scene that much more.