Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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7. Age Of Ultron – Hammer Tryouts

This is easily one of the most fun, light-hearted moments in the franchise. It’s not often throughout the MCU that the audience is treated to a group of heroes partying or winding down. It was refreshing to see that they don’t just fight together, they decompress together. It’s the challenge in lifting that hammer that gives this scene something beyond a group of heroes just having a good time.

Only heroes could be using their time off to prove their worthiness by hefting the mighty Mjolnir, a weapon created for a God. Every hero gets their own attempt, and they each get the screen time to do it (with the exception of Black Widow, who needs not Mjolnir to be sure of her worthiness). Those familiar with certain comics will know that Steve Rogers has lifted Mjolnir before, but he only manages to nudge it in the movie (giving Thor a reason to worry).

In a movie jam-packed with action, monologues, and stiff consequences, this moment stands out. I look forward to more scenes like this in the MCU. Maybe we’ll even see Steve lift Mjolnir in Infinity War.