Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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21. Ant-Man – Ant-Man vs Falcon

There are a few movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that flopped despite standing on a strong foundation. There are other movies that were a gamble, seeing as they were not based on the most popular comics, that turned out to be successes. Ant-Man is definitely the latter.

The decision to go with Paul Rudd, an older actor in the role of Scott Lang, a less known version of Ant-Man then the original was bold. It was also bold to think that a character like Ant-Man might fit in with the other already assembled heroes.

While Anthony Mackie’s Falcon was relatively new himself, he had the advantage of being paired with Captain America, an Avengers mainstay. It was Ant-Man’s fight with Falcon that would help prove Ant-Man’s ability to hang with the larger crowd of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a great tie-in to be sure, but the action is actually foreshadowing to Scott Lang’s role in the Civil War airport fight.

I’m unsure how Ant-Man might compete with Thanos and the Black Order, but I’m sure he’ll prove to be an asset to the Avengers.