Ms. Marvel: 7 actresses who could play Kamala Khan

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3. Melinda Shankar 

Degrassi isn’t exactly known for pumping out big stars outside of Drake. However, it’s not like they’re void of talent, and Melinda Shankar is proof. Her character Alli Bhandari has gone through so many changes as a girl who was kept in a bubble by her religious parents to someone with a mind of her own.

Like Kamala, Alli was bound by her father’s traditional ways and would often do things to spite him like sneaking out to parties. Her character matured from a rebel to somewhat of a role model,  never really straying away from her focus to get into college.

The connection between the two characters on top of Shankar’s performance makes her an ideal choice for the role. As with every character, Alli’s time at Degrassi high school came to an end and Shankar moved on. Since departing from Degrassi, Shankar has stared in season one of the horror anthology series, Slasher. The role of Kamala Khan would be perfect for her. In fact she may have dropped a little hint in her Instagram