DC Dark/Black: 8 movies we’d like to see in DC’s dark universe

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6. Death and the Endless 

The Endless are a family of supernatural entities that existed since the neighing of time. Neil Gaiman developed the series The Sandman that follows; Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. While Dream is the main character, there’s no shortage of great individual stories. 

As a matter of fact, Death is one of the most interesting. She appears in the form of a gothic girl with a more level-headed personality. There was a movie long in development by New Line Cinema. Allegedly, there’s a script has already been written by Gaiman and follows the story arc Death: The High Cost of Living. Gaiman was set to direct with Guillermo del Toro as executive producer — that was in 2010.

Nevertheless, with Walter Hamada moving over to the DCEU, we’d like to see him bring Death with him. If DC wants to give their dark world Endless depth then bring them to the big screen.