DC Dark/Black: 8 movies we’d like to see in DC’s dark universe

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5. Spyral 

Somewhere in DC, there’s a secret organization not run by Amanda Waller. Instead, the UN used Otto Netz to found Spyral, the most powerful spy organizations in the world. They recruited geniuses and specially skilled people for their cause and served as the all-seeing eye, as evident of the eye in the spider’s web. Netz went by the name, Agent Zero and recruited the first Batwoman Kathy Kane to the organization.

Additionally, heroes like Helena Bertinelli and Dick Grayson would also join. However, Netz would reveal his own twisted use of Spyral to Batman.

Developing a movie about a secret organization that operates in the shadows outside of A.R.G.U.S could be great. Especially one that kills the criminals DC heroes weren’t able to put away.