Avengers: Blade is an unlikely teammate but he isn’t the first unexpected member

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


Bullseye may be one of the best assassins in comic books. It doesn’t matter who the target is, Bullseye remains professional and gives his all when he’s on the job no matter how difficult the target. In fact, the more impossible the better. So much so that he had an agent (that he killed) who used to receive his requests.

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Bullseye began only accepting challenging assignments because he started to get bored with the normal killing. With his ability to make anything in his hand a weapon, it’s easy to see why he was so uninterested.

It still befuddling that Norman Osborn dressed Bullseye up as a hero. It’s even weirder that Bullseye enjoyed being an Avenger despite having to be dressed up as Hawkeye and use bow and arrows. When Norman told him what was happening, he was shocked. An emotion Bullseye doesn’t show often. When Norman didn’t say, “Avengers Assemble,” he said he actually cared that he didn’t say it.

Bullseye didn’t stop killing despite being an Avenger, but he kept his murderous rages in check. Bullseye should have never been an Avenger. He doesn’t come close to representing the ideals of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, he was damn good at being one.