Five X-Men series that would be perfect for Disney Plus

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The Morlocks with a captive Angel in Uncanny X-Men #169 (Credit: Marvel Comics)

2. Callisto and The Morlocks

Fox’s The Gifted season two will gift fans an opportunity to see the subterranean mutants. The Underground will enlist the help of the Morlocks. Disney Plus could treat it as a spin-off, or tell their story from the beginning. After all, Fox’s X-Men franchise failed to capitalize on the underground community founded by Callisto.

The discovery of underground tunnels in Manhattan led to the formation of the Morlocks. Calisto’s origin story is mostly unknown, but she’s damaged to say the least. Where she comes from is a mystery that can be solved with a series. Disney Plus can explore her life up until her becoming the leader of the Morlocks.

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Moreover, this could open up the many opportunities that follow their miniseries. For starters, there’s a connection between the Morlocks and Apocalypse, by way of Dark Beast who worked for Mister Sinister.

Additionally, the Morlocks and X-Men have one of the most iconic stories.  After kidnapping Angel, Storm leads the X-Men to rescue from Callisto who wants to mate with him. Storm and Callisto eventually battle for supremacy.

The epic tale was featured on the 1990s X-Men animated series. Although, the events of how the battle unfolded differed from the comics.

In a more tragic tale, the Morlocks also played a major role in the iconic Marvel Comics arc, “The Mutant Massacre,” an arc that deserves a feature film.