Uncanny X-Men Annual No. 1 review: The return of Cyclops


Watch out world, Cyclops is back in X-Men comics!

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Carlos Gomez

Cover artist: Salvador Larroca & Rachelle Rosenberg

It’s been a long time, but Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops is back from the dead (he died in Death of X)! We find the out in the X-Men: Extermination finale and that Cable knew about it for a while now. The big question on everyone’s mind is how and why he’s back from the dead. All of those questions were answered in this issue of Uncanny X-Men Annual No. 1.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

After we see Cyclops optic blast himself out of his grave, we get a flashback of him stopping a maniac from exacting revenge against the school that fired him. Cyclops said he felt a voice leading him in that direction. Cyclops distracted the giant robot to avoid innocent people getting hurt and then took out the mastermind behind the attack and saved the day. If not for that day, he wouldn’t have saved the school and, more importantly, a young man named Paul Douek. It may have seemed like Cyclops doing his job, but this man would be instrumental in bringing Cyclops back to life.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Fast forward ten years later, and Cable is in Paul’s house, telling him he needs a favor. Obviously, Paul is skeptical. Wouldn’t you be if a guy with a glowing eye randomly shows up at your house in the middle of the night while you’re trying to eat leftovers? Cable quickly talks him into building a much smaller version of the Phoenix Cage the Avengers made. It may have seemed random, but it all makes sense. Cyclops was brought back from the dead by the Phoenix Force to try to trick Jean into letting it stay inside her (Phoenix Resurrection). Jean cast it out of her, and that killed Cyclops. However, that device Paul made kept a small part of the Phoenix Force in Cyclops. Thus, Cyclops was resurrected.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

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Cable kept Cyclops inside his base for a while, until Cyclops could prove he was ready. That moment came when Cyclops had to make one of the toughest decisions he’s ever made. On one side, there’s the man who saved his life, who’s about to be killed. The other had the X-Men fighting X-Man. If he saves one then the other will die. Cyclops chose to save the man who brought him back to life. That meant that the X-Men died (check out Uncanny X-Men No. 10). Cyclops saved Paul because he was angry at the world for too long. He forgot why X-Men were created — to prove humans and mutants could live together in harmony. Cable asks Cyclops what he’s going to do now. Cyclops simply tells his son, “I’m going to find the X-Men and set it right.”

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Being completely honest, Phoenix Resurrection seemed kind of random towards the end. But count on Matt Rosenberg (who wrote Phoenix Resurrection) Ed Brisson to tie it all up. Everything they’ve written has connected the dots to everything that’s been going on. This issue was a quick but terrific read. It answered every question you may have had about Cyclops being back. What Cyclops does next will be one for the history books.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

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X-Marks the Spot

  • What is Cyclops’ first plan of action going to be? Which X-Men does he recruit first? Wolverine will probably be last.
  • How does Cyclops talk Jamie Madrox into joining him? They hate each other. He’s probably going to guilt trip him for leaving the fight against X-Man.
  • Will Cyclops hold a memorial service for them? He may not only because he thinks he can bring them back.
  • Is this the last we’ve seen of Cable in Uncanny X-Men? He’s in X-Force, but is there more in store for him, here?