The new Uncanny X-Men is a must read and this trend will continue

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Here’s why the new Uncanny X-Men series will continue to be a must read.

In November, the Uncanny X-Men came back as an ongoing series. The series started with a foreboding title, “Disassembled,” which usually means that the a team is breaking up. However, this wasn’t the case. The X-Men were fighting one of their own. X-Man thought he was saving the world by changing different parts of the planet and trying to bring peace by force. Fun fact, that never works. When the X-Men tried to stop him, he seemingly killed them all. This arc ends with an anti-mutant vaccination being created to suppress the mutant gene in future children.

The next two issues (Uncanny X-Men Annual No. 1 and Uncanny X-Men No. 11) revolve around the return of Cyclops and how he’s dealing with the X-Men disappearing. It also deals with the world going back to their hatred for mutants. All of this has a very familiar tone. It’s all reminiscent of how the X-Men started. It’s also one of the many reasons why this current run of Uncanny X-Men is going to be a must read for comic book fans.