Wolverine Origins is the perfect starting point for new readers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Logan was a cruddy person!

It’s all fine and well that Logan went on a crusade to be a better person, but, Sweet Christmas!, Logan has done a ton of really terrible things in his life. We’ve heard him say he’s been horrible person over the years. However, we never got a close look into what he did. Wolverine Origins showed the world some of the awful things Logan did to people.

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You already read what he did to Captain America, but Logan has done worse. He’s the reason Nuke is crazy. When Frank Simpson (Nuke) was a kid, Logan had a hand in Frank’s first kill. Frank couldn’t have been more than six years old, and he murdered his mother. Don’t feel bad, she was the worst. On the same night, Logan tricked Nuke’s father into killing himself and planted evidence to make it look like Frank’s father murdered the babysitter and then killed himself. Later, Logan picked Frank up and thus ended Frank’s chances at being a normal person. But wait, it gets worse.

Later, while Frank was in fighting Vietnam, Logan tortured Nuke and then carved the American Flag on his face (that explains that). Logan kept saying, “No V.C.” while he was torturing him. When Frank escaped, the first thing he saw was a woman who said, “No V.C.” This drove Nuke crazy, and he proceeded to go on a killing spree and set their village on fire. This is just one of the stories that was told in a laundry list of bad things Logan has done.