Jonathan Hickman to start X-Men projects House of X and Powers of X


The phenomenal Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel with two brand new X-Men projects!

Jonathan Hickman was one of the premier writers at Marvel Comics for years. He wrote classic stories like Secrets Wars (2015), the Fantastic Four, New Avengers, and Secret Warriors. He departed Marvel in 2015 after Secret Wars. While it’s been a relatively short time since he left, Hickman is returning to Marvel Comics to write about one of comic book’s premier teams — the X-Men.

It was announced at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) that Hickman would be writing two separate X-books titles House of X and Powers of X. Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski said,

"“While we can’t reveal too much about the story just yet, these new stories will redefine the X-Men and their place in the Marvel Universe. This is a historic moment both new and passionate fans won’t want to miss.”"

CBR also reported that House of X and Powers of X will be setting up for stories down the road. also added additional description:

"“Each series will be released on an alternate weekly schedule, starting with HOUSE OF X, followed by POWERS OF X. Fans will be able to follow along each week this summer and witness history unfold.”"

The statement, “…witness history unfold” can be very cliché when it comes to comic book events. However, with the X-Men, this tends to be true.

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The X-Men never have a big event that doesn’t affect them for the rest of their lives. We can go back as far as Giant Sized X-Men No. 1 where their roster changed forever, and new classic characters like Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine were introduced. We could even go into a more recent story like House of M, where the results of that event weren’t repaired until Avengers VS X-Men seven years later.

Recently, the mutant community has taken a major hit. Thanks to Nate Grey (X-Man), the X-Men have disappeared from Earth, and the governments of the world are forcing people to take a vaccine that “cures” them of the mutant gene. Cyclops is back from the dead and is leading a team of X-Men who are still fighting for a world that actively wants them gone. Powers of X and House of X could bring an end to that hatred, or it could make it worse. The X-Men have been outlaws in the past. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see them as heroes up against the law again.

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Jonathan Hickman does an uncanny job telling stories. Each moment in his comics are a piece of a puzzle. When the story is finished, you sit back and realize that there were no wasted instances. Fans of the X-Men should be excited for the next chapter for Marvel’s Mighty Mutants.