Marvel announces new Secret Warps comic book event


Absolute Carnage isn’t the only Marvel event on the comic preview list, but another with revived characters from another reality is also coming.

Following the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Marvel announced a six-part story spanning at least six different annuals entitled Secret Warps. Could this possibly be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Dark Nights: Metal? One can only hope.

Reported by Comic Watch (h/t Newsarama), it appears that the summer and the coming months that follow will be busy, as Marvel plan to bring back the lost characters from the crossover event series, Infinity Warps (not to be confused with the Russo Brothers’ movie adapted from Thanos’ Quest and the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.)

Secret Warps will consist of the characters Soldier Supreme, Weapon Hex, Arach-Knight, Ghost Panther and Iron Hammer who will come into play, starting with Secret Warps: Arachknight Annual No.1 – depicting the character that is clearly an analogue of Spider–Man and Moon Knight.

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Starting in July, around the same month Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men titles, Powers of X and House of X, which were previously teased, the first one-shot of Secret Warps, Arachknight Annual No.1 will feature Al Ewing, who will write the entire series. Also Carlos Gomez will be on the covers, and Carlos Villa will handle the interior artwork.

Infinity Warps, which originally debuted the characters, was actually a result of Gamora’s tampering with reality; she is a member of the more established roster of Guardians of the Galaxy. During the storyline, which involved a conflict that had taken place after the events following Infinity Countdown, the Infinity Gems played a pivotal role.

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Due to the corruption of Soul World, Gamora had taken things upon herself to deal with the current dilemma and trapped its occupants of Soul World in some kind of pocket dimension wherein characters had fused into one being.