Matt Reeves’ The Batman adds Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell in key roles

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has tapped Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell for two major roles.

Fans have waited impatiently for more casting news for Matt Reeves’ The Batman which stars Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight. The news of other castings like Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman and Jefferey Wright as Commissioner Gordon both broke the internet and raised eyebrows in a good way.

Meanwhile, Jonah Hill was in negotiations to play a role before he ultimately dropped out. Soon after, Hill’s exit, Paul Dano joined the cast as the Riddler. Now, it appears that Reeves has found the ruler of the criminal underground. According to Deadline, Dumbo star Collin Farrell has signed on as the Penguin.

Don’t expect this version of the Penguin to be like any other we’ve seen. This includes the interpretations of the character from Danny DeVito and Robin Taylor, who both embodied the quirky and jittery side of the Penguin. Farrell is likely to bring something unique to the aristocratic club owner, who is also a big-time, mob boss in his spare time.

If you want to envision how Farrell’s Penguin could look, then look no further than his Fantastic Beasts character, Percival Graves. Like Penguin, he wore a suit but with more, but he has more style than fans of the Penguin are probably used to. Farrell’s casting makes it easy to see the direction Reeves is going for, so too does the casting of Alfred.

Any Serkis joins the cast

For a long time, Andy Serkis’ name was linked to Matt Reeves’ The Batman by fans. They speculated that he would play Clayface or Penguin. While that’s still possible, if the Venom 2 Director opted to pull double duty, he’ll play Batman’s man in the chair, Alfred, according to The Wrap.

Serkis’ casting as Alfred will be unlike anything like we’ve seen from past actors that have played the faithful butler like Michael Caine. It’s easy to see that a militant Alfred who kicked butt in his past. We’ve also seen that version with Sean Pertwee’s portrayal on Gotham.

Likewise, Serkis will bring a different dynamic to the man who raised Bruce Wayne. The additions of Serkis and Farrell will likely have fans excited to see what they’ll bring to their roles. Needless to say, Reeves has set the bar high for his film.