X-Men: Did erasing Reed Richards’ memory cross a line?

Fantastic Four (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Fantastic Four (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /

Professor Xavier continues to do things he can’t take back in X-Men. Erasing Reed’s mind is just the most recent.

With new Marvel Comics coming back, we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff over the past couple of months, especially with the X-Men titles.

Just recently, Jean Grey and Wolverine made out at the end of X-Force, but that’s just one of the simpler things that have happened.

At the end of X-Men/Fantastic 4 issue No. 4, a line may have been crossed. One that could get the mutants of Krakoa in trouble with the Fantastic Four and the rest of the world in general.

X-Men/Fantastic No. 1 began with Charles Xavier asking Kitty Pryde to persuade Franklin Richards (the son of Susan and Reed Richards) to join the mutants on Krakoa. Since Franklin is a mutant, it only makes sense that he’d extend the offer. Reed and Sue had reservations.

To the outside world, mutants have been too secretive and secluding themselves from the world, so it makes sense that Reed and Sue were hesitant. This led to shenanigans that ended up with both the Fantastic Four and X-Men teaming up to take on Dr. Doom. In the end, they came to a compromise: Franklin would be allowed to visit Krakoa to learn about his powers and be with mutants like him. All seemed fine and well until the last couple of pages.

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Reed Richards created a device that hid Franklin’s mutant gene. This made it impossible for him to use the gates that lead to Krakoa. It also cut the mutant gene off – taking away a mutant’s ability to use their powers. When Xavier found out, he went to Reed and erased his memory on how to create the device. No matter how hard he tries in the future, Reed will never remember how to remake it.

What Xavier didn’t do was erase Reed’s memory of what just happened. He wanted him to know that he did this, telling him: “This is not a game to us. This is our right to survive.” As Magneto destroyed the machine, he also offered his thoughts, telling Reed: “You don’t get to do whatever you want, Richards. Your wild, unchecked actions are now being checked.”

Here’s the big question, did Xavier and Magneto go too far? It’s a matter of perspective.  On one hand, Xavier had no right to invade Reed’s brain. All he did was further the idea that he can’t be trusted. Plus, we know Reed will find a way to get his memory back. If he doesn’t then his daughter Valeria will.

But how is Franklin going to react when he finds out? On the flip side, the technology to remove a mutant’s use of powers is dangerous. It could mean the end of mutants going forward. So maybe the ends justify the means.

Once Reed tells the rest of the superhero community what Xavier did, they aren’t going to be happy. One of the big lines that people don’t want crossed is the invasion of their minds. Erasing their thoughts is even worse. Steve Rogers, Iron Man, and Nick Fury will undoubtedly find this out and create a plan to stop them. Who knows how it will end? Most likely in a war between superheroes. Something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the last decade and more.

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