X of Swords ended with a break in the Quiet Council

Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /

The X of Swords finale has changed the future of mutants and Krakoa

X of Swords had some ups, downs, hilarious and confusing moments. The most important thing is it’s yet another feather in the X-Men crossover cap. When things happen in X-Men comic events, they affect the entire mutant community.

Messiah Complex had the first mutant birth since House of M, turned Bishop against his people and left Layla Miller and Jamie Madrox physically scarred. Second Coming saw the return of Hope (figuratively and literally). And Avengers vs X-Men ended with the mutant gene being restarted around the world.

X of Swords caused a ripple that is bound to make waves on Krakoa.

How does X of Swords end?

First, Cyclops and Jean went to Arakko to save their son Cable and the rest of their family. In doing so, Jean Grey was not allowed to remain on the Quiet Council. Nightcrawler and Kate Pryde volunteered to join them. Unfortunately, they weren’t allowed. Cyclops lied to Kate so she wouldn’t lose her seat. Jean told Nightcrawler to stay because he’s the soul of the Quiet Council. Jean’s open spot is a big deal, but her’s isn’t the only spot that’s vacant.

"“You formed the Quiet Council to be the government of Krakoa. Well…the X-Men are its heroes. And we will save those who need saving. Whatever the cost.” – Cyclops"

At the end of X of Swords, a member of Krakoa and Arakko were ordered to stay as a measure of good faith. Apocalypse said that the entire mutant island of Arakko would go. That came with the prisoners of Arakko as well. On the Krakoan side, Apocalypse stayed. It was a chance to be with his wife and children. En Sabah Nur staying in Outworld means there are two vacant spots on the Quiet Council. Spots that Sebastian Shaw will try to fill.

What does X of Swords’ ending mean?

Sebastian Shaw knew what he was doing when he recommended that the council members who left to fight would lose their spots. He’s been attempting to add his own people from the beginning. He’s smart enough to see this as the perfect opportunity to strike. He originally wanted his son (Shinobi Shaw) in the Red Queen’s spot, but Emma gave it to Kate Pryde. With Apocalypse gone Shaw will likely try to move up in power.

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Xavier and Magento can be looked at as the head of Council since they’re the eldest. Despite Mystique being older than them, Xavier and Magneto won’t give it to her because she can’t be trusted. Giving it to Storm, Kitty, Emma, or Nightcrawler will seem like favoritism. That leaves Exodus. Which could be possible, but not likely. Sebastian Shaw is the likely choice. When that happens, Shaw will give Shinobi his old position. We (the readers) may see this as a bad move, but it won’t be seen that any by anyone else. Shaw has made decisions that have kept Krakoa going. Xavier won’t see anything wrong with him joining them. That is, until Kate and Emma eventually expose him.

Some fans of X of Swords fans may be disappointed with the ending. This writer isn’t among them. The finale wasn’t like most major comic book events where there’s a big multiple page fight scene with no substance. We received major changes to the X-Men and their positions in Krakoa, a couple of people have moved on to different things, and the future of Krakoa and the mutants is up in the air.

All and all, it was an ending that set up stories for the future. There isn’t much more you could have asked for.

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