Inferno: Marvel’s new X-Men series leaves fans with a lot of questions

akb_dtlra_stills_120415.089228 – Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender) has the power to manipulate magnetic fields. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
akb_dtlra_stills_120415.089228 – Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender) has the power to manipulate magnetic fields. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

X-Men: Inferno concludes with changes for the future of mutants, Krakoa, and the world.

Marvel made a couple of very cliché pledges about X-Men: Inferno. First, they said that no one could be trusted. Second, that this event will change the future of mutants and Krakoa.

Well, the conclusion of X-Men: Inferno is upon us and Marvel made good on those promises.

Machines vs. humans and mutants

First we have Xavier and Magneto against the members of Orchis, Omega, and Nimrod. Before the fight started, Nimrod and Omega killed all of the humans in Orchis. Omega stood over their dead bodies and said, “This is how little you matter.” When Xaiver asked why, Omega said, “We hate them (humans) as much as we hate you (mutants).” He then said that the machines are the ones who are really going to inherit the Earth (a future we saw in Powers of X). The battle ends with both Magento and Xavier being killed by the Sentinels.

Xavier and Magneto died before the information they found out could be logged. That means Krakoa and the X-Men will be starting from scratch when the Sentinels make their next move. There’s also Orchis. Even though one of their leaders was killed, it’s not the end. Don’t forget that Abigail Brand is working with them now. Who knows what she’ll do when she finds out about the machines attempting to take over.

The future of mutants

While Magneto and Xavier were dying, Destiny and Mystique were dealing with Moira MacTaggert. They knew that killing Moira would only restart the universe. Nothing would be accomplished if that happened. She’d still try to rid the world of mutants. Thankfully for them, Emma Frost had a plan for that.

When Mystique and Destiny went to Emma (X-Men: Inferno No. 2), she gave them the gun Forge created to take away mutants’ powers. Now, when Moira died, she wouldn’t come back and this reality would continue. With Moira without her powers, the only thing left to do was kill her. That’s when Cypher made his presence known.

With Moira now human, she falls under the “Kill no man” law of Krakoa. Cypher told the duo that he knows all about her, Xavier, and Magneto’s secrets. Mystique was ready to kill Cypher until Krakoa and Cypher’s wife Bei appeared. Destiny said that none of the options that Mystique wants would end well for her. Krakoa allowed her to leave through his gate one more time and she ran through it.

X-Men: Inferno’s major conclusion

In the end, Xavier and Magneto are brought back a week later. Emma tells them that there are no more secrets within the Quiet Council. The Council doesn’t blame them for keeping Moira a secret. They’re upset that it was kept from them.

The Quiet Council is whole again, but splintered. Each table and member has their own agenda; some pure and some not so pure. Kitty Pryde, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler all want what’s best for Krakoa and will do things the right way. On the other hand, Emma Frost, Exodus, Destiny, Xavier, and Magento will do whatever it takes to keep Krakoa going; even if that means doing deplorable things. The only ones left are Mr. Sinister, Mystique, and Sebastian Shaw. Those three only serve themselves. They don’t seem to care about what happens to Krakoa or mutants in general.

X-Men: Inferno ends claiming that the Quiet Council has built their walls high and locked themselves inside forever. The next step for Krakoa and The Quiet Council will be interesting. Look for more on that in the upcoming series Immortal X-Men.

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