5 major comic book moments of the week (June 3 - June 8)

The Ultimates are back, Ms. Marvel's mutant powers are revealed, and...Baxter Stockman may run for President. All of this and more in this week's comic book news recap.
Ultimates #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
Ultimates #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

The comic book news just keeps on coming. This week on the DC front, Batman and the Bat Family team up to defeat Failsafe (Batman No. 148). The Krakoan Age ended in Marvel Comics but continued in another dimension.

But that’s only two of the important comic book moments; some other major things went down in the worlds of Marvel, DC, and more. On that note, here is some more comic book news you should know about. 

Ms. Marvel’s Mutant Powers

Comic book: Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace No. 4

Writers: Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada

Ms. Marvel’s hard light mutant powers manifested… sort of. A former Orchis scientist named Nitika resurrected Kamala’s corpse to unlock her mutant potential. They're a bit like Kamala's powers in the MCU, except she keeps her Inhuman abilities. Unfortunately, Kamala can't access them because they conflict with her Inhuman DNA.

Kamala's battle with Nitika's creations destroys parts of New Jersey, including a Mosque. Now, everyone in Jersey has turned on Ms. Marvel. The only people who know the truth are the X-Men and her best friend Bruno. This issue was the perfect way to lead to the new NYX comic book.

Xavier was right

Comic book: X-Men No. 35/Uncanny X-Men No. 700

Writers: Various

Magento stops Wolverine from killing Charles Xavier for what he did during the Hellfire Gala (and because he promised Kate Pryde), and the two old friends talk after that. After reflecting on his past (Resurrection of Magento), Max decided that everyone oppressed needs protection; not just mutants. This is different from the Magneto we know. Xavier couldn’t help but laugh and say, "Xavier was right." This is a nice twist on the “Magneto was right” phrase. Although, Xavier didn't have to be smug about it.

The Ultimates are back

Comic book: Ultimates No. 1

Writer: Deniz Camp

The Maker (Reed Richards of Earth-1610) remade the world in his image in Ultimate Invasion, but Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark prevented him from remaining in power. Before their fight, Howard left Tony a message: Tony has 18 months to save the world before The Maker returns.

Tony Stark and Doom (this Earth’s Reed Richards) started recruiting people like Thor, Sif, and the frozen Captain America (he’s later thawed and furious at what happened to America). Stark and Doom’s next step was bringing in more meta-humans. Doom and Tony build orbs to explain their true past and powers to their hopeful recruits. They sent them to people who should have been heroes. This leads to the deaths of innocent people and more.

With Dr. Doom, Thor, Sif, and Steve Rogers by his side, Tony recruits a reluctant Giant-Man (Hank Pym) and an excited Wasp (Janet van Dyne). Their first battle leaves Captain Britan under Pym’s giant boot. The Ultimates are officially born. They now have seventeen months until Maker returns.

Scarlett betrayed?

After saving the hostages, Shana O'Hara (code name Scarlett) saw her friend and fellow spy, Jinx. After the mission, Scarlett is approached by Stalker (I didn’t name him). He tells Scarlett that Jinx needs to be extracted from the Arashikage Clan because she has information on a weapon he needs.

On her previous mission, Scarlett notices a secret code from Jinx that tells her to stay away. Scarlett should have listened as she ends up knocked out by Storm Shadow and captured by the Arashikage Clan. Whether or not Jinx is working for the enemy remains to be seen. However, Scarlett says Jinx seems too comfortable by their enemy's side. 

President Baxter Stockman

After the events of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game, Baxter Stockman goes on a nationwide press tour to promote mutant-human relations. According to the New York police in Mutant Town, this is only the beginning. Baxter Stockman’s next move will be to run for president. The last thing anyone needs is someone like him in office. 

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