Nightwing is framed, new Avengers, and more major comic book news

A new Avengers team assembles, Nightwing is framed for murder, and Wonder Woman saves an enemy. This and more comic book news from June 18 and 19, 2024.
DC Beyond the Panels: Nightwing | DC
DC Beyond the Panels: Nightwing | DC / DC

It's been quite the week for comic book fans. The big news this week came in Batman No. 149 when Chip Zdarsky did the impossible and gave Bruce Wayne a happy ending. He’s a billionaire again, his family trusts him, and he’s living in a mansion. Plus, he has a human hand again.

However, the Batman series wasn’t the only comic book with major news. Here are the five most important comic book moments this week (June 18 and 19).

Nightwing’s identity is discovered

  • Comic book: Nightwing No. 115
  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Bruno Redondo

Heartless’ journey to destroy Dick Grayson just got more interesting. During Nightwing No. 115, the new Bludhaven villain discovers that Dick is Nightwing and doesn’t waste this information. He puts his Heartless mask on Dick and leaves him with the heart removal gun in his hand and a dead victim. Of course, that’s when the police show up.

Dick almost escapes until he reaches the edge of the roof. His crippling fear of heights kicks in and he can't jump. The issue ends with Dick being unmasked by the police and them thinking Dick Grayson is Heartless.

Wonder Woman in DC Comics
Wonder Woman #11 José Luis García-López Artist Spotlight Variant. Image courtesy DC Comics /

All to save Cheetah

  • Comic book: Wonder Woman No. 10
  • Writer: Tom King
  • Artist: Daniel Sampere

Wonder Woman is captured and tortured by The Sovereign (not the Venture Brothers villain) and his goons. It seemed like she was doing this to fight back against the U.S. Government’s law against the Amazons of Themyscira (Wonder Woman No. 1 by Tom King). While that was part of her plan, she was working another angle. Issue No. 10 of Wonder Woman shows us that Diana Prince was also looking for Barbara Minerva a.k.a. Cheetah.

Cheetah was caught just like Wonder Woman and put through the same tortures. Both of them refused to submit (the only two to not). Instead of keeping her in a cell, however, The Sovereign and his people left her on an island with nothing to eat but coconuts and ants. That left Cheetah wanting meat. The first meat she saw in a while was Wonder Woman.

After the two fight, Cheetah sits with Wonder Woman and asks why she is there. Diana didn’t want to admit it but she let herself be captured to save Cheetah. Because, despite their rivalry, they love, respect, and understand each other.

Will She-Hulk rejoin the Avengers?

  • Comic book: Sensational She-Hulk No. 9
  • Writer: Rainbow Rowell
  • Artist: Andrés Genolet

In Sensational She-Hulk No. 5, Carol Danvers offers Jennifer Walters a place on the Avengers. In issue No. 9, Carol took things a step further. She showed Jennifer their base (the Impossible City) and her room. She even gave She-Hulk a uniform. The only problem is Jen thinks that joining the Avengers will ruin her relationship with Jack of Hearts. The funny thing is Jen will be joining the Avengers, just not this roster.

After the events of Blood Hunt,  Captain America will create an emergency response team. On that roster are Shang-Chi, Monica Rambeau, Clint Barton, Lightning, the Wasp, Wonder Man, Hercules, and She-Hulk. So, while Jennifer isn’t joining Carol’s team, she will be an Avenger again.

Since this is an emergency response team, she can stay close to her boyfriend. We may find out how that offer comes up in Rainbow Rowell’s next (and final) issue of Sensational She-Hulk.

The villains fight back

  • Comic book: Invincible Iron Man No. 19
  • Writer: Gerry Duggan
  • Artist: Kael Ngu

During the world and universe-shattering events, you can usually depend on the villains to help protect their homes. The rise of Orchis and AI during X-Men: Fall of X was no different.

After escaping prison, James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, goes to the villain hangout, The Bar with No Name to recruit villains willing to help save the world. After Living Laser and Sandman vouched for him and Rhodey offered them some Iron Man weapons, the villains helped fight back.

It doesn’t end there. There’s a foreshadowing of Iron Man and War Machine teaming with Living Laser and Sandman. Rhodey’s goal is to take villains, put them on a team, and rehabilitate them. This is the beginning of a new kind of Avengers team. 

Blade finds his daughter

  • Comic book: Dracula: Blood Hunt No. 2
  • Writer: Danny Lore
  • Artist: Vincenzo Carratu

During Blood Hunt No. 3, Blade’s daughter Brielle is given awful news. She’s told that her father is behind the events of Blood Hunt and that she has to kill him. Like any high school kid, the news terrifies her. Brielle runs away. Thankfully, she’s stopped by Daredevil.

After a conversation with Daredevil, Brielle leaves with Dracula to return to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Before they can get there, they’re intercepted by a horde of vampires and their lord, Blade. The issue ends with Blade hovering over Brielle’s unconscious body.

Peter Parker's first big fight

  • Comic book: Ultimate Spider-Man No. 6
  • Writer: Jonathan Hickman
  • Artist: Marco Checchetto

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn take their first shot at Wilson Fisk and it goes poorly. Fisk knew they were coming. In anticipation of that, he got some upgrades. He’s stronger and more durable than his counterpart on Earth-616. They were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

Later, Peter goes home and has to explain his injuries. After his daughter May blurts out that he’s a superhero, Peter tells MJ and their son the story. Instead of being mad, MJ was impressed. Peter then says he needs help with a codename. She says, “Isn’t it obvious? You’re Spider-Man.”

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