Amazing Spider-Man 2 Easter egg pays homage to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man?


Amazing Spider-Man 2

There are a ton of Easter eggs in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but one keen eyed Redditor may have found a completely unexpected Easter egg whilst watching the film. narenare658 reckons he’s seen proof that Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a small but overt nod to the original Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi.

When Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is trying to google information about the mysterious Roosevelt he stumbles across this picture of a Roosevelt cable car.

Amazing Spider-Man 2’s nod to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man ?

Now some of you may be thinking that specific cable car looks familiar and that’s because it isn’t the first time that a red and white Roosevelt cable car has appeared in a Spider-Man film. In fact in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man film it was a crucial part of the climactic set-piece in Spider-Mans battle against the Green Goblin. Here’s a pic!

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man

So it would seem that Marc Webb has deliberately put in a small Easter egg image of the cable car to directly reference Sam Raimi’s first ever Spider-Man film. Personally if this is the case and not just a happy coincidence then I have to give some kudos to Marc Webb for paying tribute to his predecessor.

Other Easter eggs in the film include a reference to the Daily Bugle viral site, a reference to a symbiote, a potential Doctor Octopus tease, and finally Aleksei Sytsevich’s pants.

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