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Secret Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits sequence reveals Sinister Six line-up?


Sinister Six

Yes I sat through the entirety of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credit sequence expecting to see something awesome, either the Sinister Six all together, or Norman Osborne’s head in a box, or the Venom symbiote or any other scene we’ve already seen, been promised or told we’d see.

Imagine my utter surprise and disappointment after having sat through the X-Men mid-credits scene, which was the most confused I’ve ever been whilst watching Jennifer Lawrence, and then the credits just ended, there was nothing. No Spider-Man spoiler, no Man in Shadows madness, nothing.

I resigned myself to the fact that Marc Webb and co had pulled the wool over my eyes and the rug out from under me, I apologised to my friend for insisting we sit through all of the credits because ‘there will definitely be something’ and I went home a defeated and broken Spider-Man website editor.

So imagine my surprise when it turns out there was a Spider-Man end-credit teaser all along. You just needed to Shazam Alicia Key’s It’s On Again whilst it played during the credits and viola! Shazam allows you access to a series of pictures that seemingly give away the future line-up of the Sinister Six. Here are the pictures

Shocker, Mysterio, Chameleon or Electro?

Kraven the Hunter

Doctor Octopus



Green Goblin

Whilst some of these are fairly obvious, with Rhino being outed as a Sinister Six member during the film, and Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin all but confirming himself as the leader it goes without saying that we’ll potentially see those two in the Sinister Six. We also saw the Man in the Shadows Mr Fiers walking past Doctor Octopus’ arms and Vulture’s wing harness so those  two are no surprises either.

However the other two are surprises, we’re shown a pendant with what appears to be a cat’s face on it leading to speculation that we’ll either be seeing completely new villain Kraven the Hunter or Felicity Jone’s Felicia Hardy as Black Cat. Personally I think its Kraven. Also a mystery is who that mask with smoke coming out of the eyes is hinting at. The main two contenders seem to be Mysterio or Chameleon who both sort of fit, but I also think that it could be Shocker or a returning Electro as well.

I also feel it’s worth noting that just because there are six pictures, therefore six villains this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the confirmed Sinister Six line-up, or that we’ll be seeing these villains at all. But then again you’d have to ask yourself what the point of this whole exercise was if these aren’t confirmed villains for future films.

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