Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay walkthrough diary: Day 5


Visiting Kraven’s loft and an Ultimate surprise!

Yes, it’s been a whilst since I last played, all work and all play make playing through the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game and writing about it a rather tricky task, but nonetheless I wrenched a few desperate hours out of yesterday to play a bit more of the game! If you remember last time I had just met Kraven and he had made me an offer to become your (Spider-Man’s) tutor and train you how to hunt.

Before I continue I must add that before heading to Kraven’s Loft I completed several more side-missions including a new one – The ‘Police Deadlock’. I consider the ‘Police Deadlock’ mission to be the most fun yet, it’s a free roam level essentially full of bad-guys (this one had 16) and you take them out in whatever way you wish, basically Spider-Man gets to do what he does best and take out bad guys. I did three of these before heading over to Kraven’s.

Well, after some J Jonah Jameson ire you decide to check Kraven out, however not as Spider-Man but as Peter Parker abusing his press pass and scoring an interview with Kraven. The moments when you’re Peter Parker and not Spider-Man are fairly nice and all, but this far I’ve found them to be slow-paced and pointless, mainly consisting of walking around with questions that give you the illusion of control but really whatever you decide has no effect on the game as you ask every question anyway. Next time around the speech and dialogue option needs to be improved upon significantly.

With that being said I hugely enjoyed the stint in Kraven’s Loft as Peter Parker for many reasons, first of all the set design is superb, the atmosphere is borderline gothic horror with a dark dingy mansion filled with oddities and shadows everywhere, as well as thunder and lightning outside. Secondly Kraven’s characterisation is fantastic with him being suitably mysterious and sinister. Essentially everything there was going on made the conversations with Kraven seem less boring.

After a first lengthy chat with Kraven he invites you to take a look around and photograph whatever you want. You’re then required to photograph three interesting objects, so you turn on your camera and walk around trying to find something interesting. Don’t worry you get a prompt on the screen when something is photo-worthy and Kraven has a vast amount of interesting things. I photographed the elephant skull, Kraven’s fireplace, and the T-rex but other options I could have gone for were the gramophone, the glass-cased snake and the world globe. There may have been others.

Once you’ve got the photos you meet Kraven in another room. This room is really cool and really quite twisted as Kraven reveals that he’s hunted, killed and displayed three of the cross-species bosses from the first Amazing Spider-Man game, and if you walk around you can see Iguana, Piranha and Scorpion in creepy museum displays, posed in life-like action positions. Here you ask Kraven some questions and he basically reveals he wants a protegé/son.

When you leave Kraven’s Loft you end up back at home, where you then recieve a phone-call from another one of Spider-Man’s various characters, the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy, she flirts and that’s about it. This is a slightly annoying cut-scene really, nothing happens, no new information is given other than the confirmation that Felicia’s in the game and it just wastes your time. You then end up back at Kraven’s house, this time as Spider-Man and you agree to team-up with Kraven to catch the Carnage killer.

First lesson from Kraven is stalking and observing, you find an alleyway being guarded by four Russian thugs. Your job is to photograph all of them without being spotted, it’s fairly easy. What’s even easier though, is then having to follow the truck containing Oscorp tech that you also had to photograph and not let it get too far away, you’d have to be walking on-foot to lose it.

The truck takes you to an underground Russian hide-out and what happens next is a full-blown stealth mission. If a guard spots you it raises the ‘alarm’ bar, if the ‘alarm’ bar gets full you fail the mission. So after photographing a map of the Carnage killer’s activity I tip-toed around stealth-takedowning guards, pressed the wrong button and ended up failing. This was annoying. Nevertheless with great power comes great repetition and this time I steath-takedowned everyone, found a Max Dillon audio message and reached the stolen Oscorp tech.

Now I’d seen this scene in a developer’s gameplay walk-through video and after hacking the tech you are presented with a prize. Your first ever unlockable in-game suit. This one being Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man suit. Needless to say I put it on immediately and looked absolutely awesome. Which was important when coming face to face with a new enemy archetype, the Speedy!

Speedy’s are ultra-fast female henchman, who unlike Brutes, rely on speed and agility to confound Spidey. But all you do is Web-Pull and Web-Rush and she’s easily beaten. Although I imagine later on in the game when there’s more than one Speedy, with Brutes and normal Thugs it all gets a bit harder.

Once you’ve defeated the Speedy you see a poster of Wilson Fisk with a knife in. Peter Parker then makes what I consider to be a huge leap in logic and assumes that someone is going to try to kill Wilson Fisk, so your next move is to hightail down to a fundraiser that he’s hosting in order to save his life. Don’t worry Fisk, I’ll be right there, the next time I turn my Playstation on!

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