Scribd Wants To Help You Binge On Daredevil Before The Netflix Debut


Scribd knows that Daredevil is about to become your new binge-watching obsession. When the new series drops all 13 of its episodes on Netflix on Friday, April 10, a bunch of fans are going to lap all of them up as quickly as possible.

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Still, when it comes to comics, there’s no need to wait if you want to have a personal Man Without Fear binge. With that in mind, Scribd has put together a Daredevil reading list to give people a primer on Matt Murdock and his costumed alter ego. Not only does the list show off stories from throughout the character’s history, it also features the work of several great writers, including Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Waid.

Something tells me that all of those men will have an influence on the TV show, as well as artists like Miller, David Mazzucchelli and Alex Maleev. The collections pointed out by Scribd are all available on the company’s streaming service, which offers over one million books, comics and audiobooks for a flat fee of $8.99 per month. Comics can be streamed instantly or downloaded for offline reading, and the wide range of compatible devices includes iOS and Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire and Nook tablets, and any gadget with a web browser.

Not a bad way to go to have yourself completely prepared for Friday.

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