Marvel’s Daredevil upset Andrew Garfield is no longer Spider-Man


Charlie Cox is doing a lot of press at the moment because the Marvel machine is having one hell of a month with Daredevil being critically applauded and Avengers: Age of Ultron raking in ridiculous amounts of money at the moment, but all we’re really interested in here is whether or not Daredevil and Spider-Man will team-up in the future!

Now, Cox has recently alluded that he’d love, and is contractually obligated if wanted, to appear in a Marvel movie, which means he could appear alongisde Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, or even Spider-Man’s 2017 solo flick. He’s also specifically hinted at a Spidey/Daredevil crossover when he mentioned one particular moment from the comic-books.

However in a recent video interview with MTV the actor mentions the specific Spider-Man and Daredevil comic book scene. But, he also goes a step further and expresses his disappointment that if a Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover does happen, it won’t be with his close friend Andrew Garfield behind Spidey’s mask, probably because the young actor insulted the Sony chief.

"“Well Andrew Garfield was a friend of mine, so that would’ve been fun. There’s a street game in New York that people play called Handball which is a bit like squash but with your hand against the wall and a few weeks ago me and him played and everyone was very excited because Spider-Man was playing handball and I just thought it would be fun if we played again and it was Daredevil and Spider-Man.”"

As you can see a Spider-Man/Daredevil handball fantasy match is clearly what Charlie Cox wanted but sadly he isn’t going to get the big ‘Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao’ moment equvilent for Handball anytime soon! That is unless the new Spider-Man also partakes in casual Handball! Cox goes on to add

"“Obviously they are recasting but they haven’t cast that yet. You know, I’d love to see Peter Parker and Daredevil hang out [play handball]. There’s a wonderful episode – issue of the comics where Matt Murdock has to defend Daredevil and so he has Peter Parker put on his Daredevil outfit so that he can sit at the docks”"

Here’s the full video!

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