Web-Slinger Wednesday: Spider-Man News Roundup 5/6/15


It’s May! All of this Spider-Man news has been flying by since I started writing for this beautiful site. Where I live, it’s getting warmer outside. Inside the Spider-Man universe, things are starting to heat up as well. Let’s take a look and hope that my weather connection to this article worked out!


We’ve been talking about who will play Peter Parker for a while. Now we’re getting rumors of who will be the Director of the new movie. There’s apparently a list with several names…and Drew Goddard isn’t on there, even though a while ago it looked like he was the man.

Andrew Garfield may have been a bod coworker? It seems like Sony had some problems with him and the deal with Marvel probably didn’t factor in if he would play Spider-Man if up to Sony. Charlie Cox isn’t too happy about the news that Garfield won’t be Spider-Man.

The Sony hack has made me sort of wish another entertainment company was hacked to see more stuff about my favorite movies. I’m almost to that point. From another leaked email, Amy Pascal had some concerns about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 right before it premiered and the things she said are exactly what many have said the problems were. It’s interesting that she knew this and it shows that she has an eye for things. At the same time, the movie still showed up. Pressure?

What if Captain American mentored Spider-Man? But what if? BUT WHAT IF? As we get closer to the Civil War (of Marvel Heroes), we understand how Spider-Man was one of the grey heroes who had a little trouble deciding which way to lean. I feel like it would be a spoil if I told you what eventually happens to him. I will say that the next Captain American movie focuses on that a bit and that a Spider-Man under Cap’s wing is possible.

No wonder Marvel wanted their hands on their hero again. Spider-Man movies have earned the most money of all time for comic book movies. This pushes the idea that Spider-Man is the most powerful (figure) hero from Marvel and one of the best known of all heroes. Everybody loves this guy! Sure, five movies is enough to grab cash but this is just one part.

In case you missed it, Whatever A Spider Can scored an interview with the folks behind that cool fake Spider-Man end of credits scene. You NEED to read it because why not?


Is any world big enough to two Spider-Men? With the Secret Wars containing both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, there is talk that Peter might be on his way out…by death. There’s report that this isn’t the case though.


Spider-Man? Meet spider-worm. Okay, its actual name is ribbon worm, but this worm shoots out a white web in Spider-Man fashion. Also…and you’re gonna love this…this worm is red. Hit the link for a video of it in action. I know. The article says it might make you squeamish. I watched it and…if you don’t like bugs (except spiders of course) you should stay away. But, the Spider-Man fan in you will find it absolutely fascinating. I promise.

Keep swingin’!

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