Dragon Ball Super episode 90 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Facing the Wall That Must Be Overcome! Goku Vs Gohan”


Dragon Ball Super episode 90 synopsis teases a tag-team match and a Goku vs Gohan battle.

Dragon Ball Super fans have been eager to see Gohan’s progression. In Dragon Ball Z, it appeared as though he was beginning to reach his potential. When facing against Majin Buu, Gohan successfully transformed into his Ultimate form.

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However, his cocky attitude caused him to be defeated. Since then, fans have wanted him to reattain that form. So when Dragon Ball Super began, you can understand our disappointment when Gohan had quit the fighting game.

This had all changed in the “Universal Survival” saga. With the fate of the universe on the line, Gohan’s fighting spirit had returned. Not impressed by his performance in Zen’s Exhibition match, he opted to train with Piccolo again.

In the most recent episode, we saw his progress. Much to the delight of fans, Gohan successfully transformed into his Ultimate form once again. Now the question remains: what’s next for the half-Saiyan? Thanks to the translations of Twitter user @sailorspazz, we have a synopsis for episode 90:

"“Gohan & Piccolo VS Gokuu and Tenshinhan?!Through his training with Piccolo, Gohan came to realize that the one he must surpass is his father Gokuu. So he teams up with Piccolo and they take on the duo of Gokuu and Tenshinhan! Facing Gohan, who having finished his training has now obtained unprecedented power, Gokuu will…?!”"

We can pick up a couple of things from this. We know Goku will reunite with Tien in episode 89. And Gohan was training with Piccolo in the latest episode, so episode 90 will culminate with all four returning together. A tag-team match would be really intriguing to see, as the Tournament of Power may require double-team maneuvers.

And we also know Piccolo aims to make Gohan as powerful as possible. So could we possibly see Gohan surpass his Ultimate form in episode 90?

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If the tag-team match doesn’t intrigue you, we have some more news for you from the post:

"“Goku is surprised at how Gohan has changed, and cannot hide how elated he is that another powerful ally has appeared. After the team battle, he challenges Gohan to a one on one fight?!”"

Wait, what? Did we just read that right? Goku vs Gohan is a dream match-up for Dragon Ball Super fans. Many believe that Gohan, reaching his full potential, will be stronger than Goku. With the synopsis teasing Gohan reaching an “unprecedented power,” an encounter with Goku has only become more enticing.

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