Dragon Ball Super episode 92 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Emergency! We Don’t Have All 10 Members!!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 92’s synopsis teases a big problem for Universe 7. And a look at Universe 6 and Universe 11.

The Tournament of Power is around the corner in Dragon Ball Super and the competing teams are all preparing. Episode 90 showed Gohan’s new strength as he challenged Goku to a battle. Impressed with his performance, Goku selected Gohan as the leader of Universe 7.

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We learned in the synopsis and preview of episode 91 that we will see the preparations of other universes. The episode looks to focus on the preparations of Universe 6 and 9, as well as Vegeta—who will begin his training.

But the most notable story that was teased was an issue with Buu. Goku realizes that something is wrong with Buu and he must investigate. And that’s what we will see in episode 92. Thanks to Twitter user @Herms98, we have the synopsis for the episode:

"“Majin Buu has fallen asleep, and it seems there’s no way he’ll wake up! With the Tournament of Power drawing near, Goku and the gang try everything to wake him up, but?! Meanwhile, in the other universes, warriors confident in their strength assemble.”"

Uh oh. Looks like Buu was unable to maintain his discipline. Everything looked so promising for Buu in episode 85 when he managed to get into shape. But we all know Buu tends to fall back into his lazy patterns. Besides, we all know how it feels to oversleep.

The post adds additional information about other universes, which will also be featured in the episode:

"“Universe 6: In preparation for the tournament, Caulifla and her underling Kale learn from Cabba how to power up into Super Saiyan.”"

For those who are unfamiliar with Kale, she was briefly featured in episode 89. She was part of Caulifa’s crew and looks to be very shy and timid. Many speculate that she possesses the ability to transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan form. So it will be interesting seeing how she will be handled in this episode.

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We also learn that Universe 11 is also featured in this episode:

"“Universe 11: The people of Universe 11 [Kai and Toppo]. Toppo, one of the warriors, has continued to recruit people for the tournament.”"

Universe 11 has been teased to be a formidable threat for all universes in the Tournament of Power. One of their competitors, Jiren, has been teased quite a bit, but we have yet to see him perform. Perhaps this episode will finally showcase his abilities.

A lot of questions may be answered in this episode. And with the Tournament of Power not far along, this episode will only build more anticipation.