Avengers: Infinity War: 5 heroes that can replace Captain America if he dies

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3. Captain Marvel 

We have yet to see Captain Marvel on the big screen, yet. Brie Larson and company have been hard at work since January filming the upcoming movie Captain Marvel which is set to debut March 8, 2019. Fans of the hero have been anticipating her debut in Avengers: Infinity War, though co-director Joe Russo shot down those rumors. Still, the idea of Captain Marvel take the place of Captain America makes sense. There’s more to Captain Marvel that makes her ideally suited to take over for Captain America other than the fact that both their hero names begin with Captain. 

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Carol Danvers origin shares one major similarity to that of Steve Rogers. Like Rogers, Danvers was part of the U.S. Armed Forces, more specifically she was a member of the Air Force. Her skills earned her the title of Ace and she’s eventually become as Colonel. The CIA recruited her and later the head of NASA. During a battle between two super-powered beings, Danvers would be exposed to insane amounts of radiation of a Kree device. The results have her superhuman abilities, thus Captain Marvel was born. Her heroics would make her one of the more popular superheroes in Marvel and at one point (post Civil War) she would become the leader of the Avengers.

Since Marvel failed to capitalize off of the fan fair that surrounded Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, doing so with Captain America could be gold. The urge for female heroes is still palpable and Marvel has a hero in the making who could lead the next MCU phase, and become the face of the Avengers. In fact, Captain Marvel’s attitude, her sense of independence and courageousness in addition to her growing popularity makes her the perfect candidate.