20 Once Upon a Time fairy tale and Disney adaptations ranked worst to best

The magical series brought so many stories to life, from The Little Mermaid and Frozen to Cinderella and Peter Pan, here's what we think about the show's adaptations.

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The whole concept of Once Upon a Time of course revolved around the many fairy tale characters that we know and love, but reimagining them in a way and putting twists on their stories. There's been many adaptations throughout the years, but nothing quite like what OUAT brought to the table! The show created their own version of the familiar stories, some working out better than others.

Of course there's more than the ones we have listed here if you can believe it, but we focused on some of the more major plot lines that appeared on the magical series. Though I'm sorry to offend anyone, I'm not counting season 7 because, well, I think we all have the same opinions about that. Anyways, ready to jump in? Here are 20 Once Upon a Time fairy tale and Disney adaptations ranked worst to best. Read on below!


The character and story of Mulan had so much potential on the show, but unfortunately it wasn't done justice. I like that she was included and wouldn't trade that in, but her story wasn't utilized much. Instead, the warrior was more of a sidekick and we really don't get into Mulan's backstory. Which is just a shame. After her heartbreak with Aurora, there isn't even a resolution or happy ending for Mulan and that's not fair.

Sleeping Beauty

Speaking of, another adaptation I didn't really enjoy is Sleeping Beauty. The story of Aurora and Philip isn't delved into much, other than he was turned into the Yaoguai and then on a quest to find his beloved. While that was interesting and I enjoyed that, it's where it ends. The story wasn't adapted in the best way, especially when it comes to Maleficent.

I've already talked about in detail here how I think she was not a great villain on the show, and the fact that we had the whole Lily storyline was useless and uninteresting to be frank. There's also some history between Maleficent, and Aurora's parents King Stefan and Briar Rose that we don't even get into but would have added more depth and reason for Maleficent's hatred towards the family.


The main reason I liked the Underworld storyline is because it was a rescue mission to get Killian back and there were some great Captain Swan moments, even though some of them were bittersweet. Our favorite pirate was also able to reunite and see his brother Liam one last time, while Regina apologized to her father for, you know, killing him. Hercules and Meg were used in like two episodes and didn't contribute much to the story, other than learning that Hercules is the one who taught Snow how to use the bow and arrow. And, sorry but don't get me started on Hades and the horrible CGI hair.