Nat Wolff ‘pleads the fifth’ on Spider-Man


Yes folks in today’s news Nat Wolff has been asked about rumours connecting himself and several other young male actors to the role of Marvel’s new Spider-Man and rather surprisingly he either hasn’t heard anything about it or doesn’t want to talk about it.

“I honestly don’t know anything about ‘Spider-Man,'” Wolff insisted when asked by MTV’s Josh Horowitz about the speculations during an interview for MTV News.. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to play Spider-Man?”

He went on to add “”My little cousin was the one who told me [about the rumors.] Six hours ago, he texted me, ‘Hey man, are you going to be Spider-Man?'” in a story eerily similar to the way Dylan O’Brien found out he had already been cast as Spider-Man

When pressed futher Wolff said “I plead the fifth” which many people are taking to mean that the young actor knows more than he’s letting on. However given that the intial rumour connecting Wolff to the role said that Marvel were shortlisting and then sending notices out it’s definitely likely he hadn’t heard anything, especially with new reports suggesting that Asa Butterfield is the favourite now.

Ultimately Wolff is just the next in a long line of guys to not know anything about Spider-Man

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