10 new comic books to watch out for (June 25 and 26)

How will Amanda Waller take metahuman's abilities? How does Superman No. 15 play into Waller's plans during DC Comics: Absolute Power? All of this and more must-read comic books for June 25 and 26.
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

Last week I predicted ten must-read comic books and they didn’t disappoint. Dick Grayson’s personal, professional, and superhero lives were put in danger in Nightwing No. 115. We learned Wonder Woman allowed herself to be captured to save Cheetah in Wonder Woman No. 10. And Brielle (Blade’s daughter) is confronted by her father in Dracula: Blood Hunt No. 2.

ComiXology.com has released its newest digital releases and these ten new titles will shake up the comic book world.

WARNING! Some of the publishing dates may change depending on a variety of things. The release dates were taken from ComiXology as of June 23, 2024.

Superman No. 15 

  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist:  Rafa Sandoval

In this House of Brainiac tie-in, we should learn what’s next for Brainiac and Brainiac Queen. And, according to the description, this will lead to the DC Comics summer event, Absolute Power. Since Brainiac Queen is working with Amanda Waller, this makes sense. How that happens is unknown.

Absolute Power: Ground Zero

  • Writers: Mark Waid, Joshua Williamson, Nicole Maines, Chip Zdarsky 
  • Artists: Gleb Melnikov, Skylar Patridge, V. Kenneth Marion

This is where all of Amanda Waller’s planning comes to fruition. We’ll see how everything she’s done since Dark Crisis leads to metahumans losing their powers. The Suicide Squad, Failsafe, and the Brainiac Queen are all involved and now we’ll see how.

Amanda Waller has always been one of the most dangerous villains in comics. Absolute Power will put her in the same category as Dr. Doom, Ultron, and Red Skull.

Green Arrow No. 13

  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Amancay Nahuelpan

During the Absolute Power 2024 FCBD Special Edition, Green Arrow is working with Amanda Waller’s team. Did Oliver Queen betray his friends and teammates because he doesn’t have superpowers? There's a possibility he's a mole or he's forced into working for Waller to help someone he loves. This issue should answer any questions we have about Green Arrow's loyalty.

Zatanna: Bring Down The House No. 1


  • Writer: Mariko Tamaki 
  • Artist: Javier Rodriguez

DC Comics' Black Label are Elseworlds comics that allow creators to add new lore to DC Comics characters (for example, Batman: Damned, Harleen, and Human Target are always a fun, brutal, and sometimes uncensored ride). Zatanna is next in line with writer Mariko Tamaki (Crush and Lobo and Batman - One Bad Day: Two-Face) and artist Javier Rodriguez (Dreaming: Waking Hours). This is almost guaranteed to be an amazing series.

Void Rivals No. 10

  • Writer: Robert Kirkman
  • Artists: Lorenzo De Felici, Patricio Delpeche

Void Rivals may be the best comic book in the Energon Universe and the description for this issue makes the release more exciting than usual. It says this issue, “puts the “energon” in their corner of the Energon Universe!”

Blood Hunt No. 4

  • Writer: Jed MacKay
  • Artist: Pepe Larraz

Brielle was captured by her father in Dracula: Blood Hunt No. 2. What he does to her next will decide the fate of Blood Hunt even if she dies. Plus, this is the penultimate issue of this Marvel Comics crossover. Fans should expect something crazy to happen in this episode.

Daredevil No. 10

  • Writer: Saladin Ahmed
  • Artist: Juann Cabal

Giant-Size Daredevil reveals that Wilson Fisk is possessed by the Deadly Sin, the Demon Pride. This explains why Fisk’s actions have been abnormal. We can expect a big fight between the Man Without Fear and Kingpin during Daredevil No. 10. Also, one of the kids in the St. Nicholas Youth Home discovered Matt’s superhero secret (Daredevil No. 9).

Thanos Annual No. 1

  • Writer: Derek Landy
  • Artist: Salvador Larroca 

This is the beginning of a Marvel Comics event Infinity Watch where Thanos will search for the six Infinity Stones. On his journey, he’ll learn that five of the six are inside people. If you think that will stop the Mad Titan’s mission, you don’t know Thanos.

Also, if five of the six Infinity Stones are known, where is the sixth? Also, don’t forget that this could lead to the Black Infinity Stone and the death of Thor.

Ultimate Black Panther No. 5

  • Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
  • Artist: Stefano Caselli 

T’Challa, Storm, Shuri, Okoye, and Killmonger fight to take back Wakanda. One of the groups they’ll battle is a section of the Dora Milae, the Vodu-Khan. This issue will likely end with something major happening to Black Panther and it may include the prophecy of a woman in light giving him an heir.

Since the prophecy made by the Vodu-Khan, it seems unreliable. However, T’Challa believes the woman in light is Storm (Ultimate Black Panther No. 2)? If so, what does that mean for his wife Okoye?

Vengeance of the Moon Knight

  • Writer: Jed MacKay
  • Artist: Alessandro Cappuccio

What are Tigra and Hunter's Moon up to? What does it have to do with Asgard (Blood Hunt No. 3)? Are they getting something to help release Thor from being the all-you-can-eat blood buffet for the Blood Coven? What’s going on with the Midnight Mission while vampires attack the travelers of the night? Will a leader for the Midnight Mission rise during this issue? 

Next. Nightwing is framed, new Avengers, and more major comic book news. Nightwing is framed, new Avengers, and more major comic book news. dark

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