Daredevil's newest enemy, the key to killing Deadpool, and more comic book news

This week, there are Bloof Hunt revelations, an enemy of Deadpool has a weapon to kill him, and one of Daredevil's oldest enemies teams up with his newest. That and comic book news involving the Transformers, Captain America, and more.
Daredevil: The Protector Of Hell's Kitchen
Daredevil: The Protector Of Hell's Kitchen / Marvel Entertainment

The comic book world was not short of important moments. Some of them were crucial to the survival of Earth while others are personal and, well, silly. This is also the first week in months where there's no X-Men comic book news. That will likely change once From the Ashes begins.

No matter the reason, these seven comic book moments are the most important. 

WARNING! The following sections contain spoilers for various comic books.

Blade drops something major on New York

Comic book: Blood Hunt No. 3

The Avengers defeated Blade’s Bloodcoven (Blood Hunt No. 2) and sent them retreating to their master (Blade). After reconvening with Doctor Strange and the Midnight Mission, Captain America (Sam Wilson) tells the world that they aren’t done fighting.

Cap's speech was a plan to inspire the world and get Blade to bring the fight to Earth (he’s currently in space in the Impossible City). The first half worked. Unfortunately, Sam’s speech infuriated Blade. In retaliation, Blade drops an ancient Atlantis structure called The Temple of the First Blasphemy on New York.

Writer: Jed MacKay

Blade’s daughter is the key

Comic book: Blood Hunt No. 3

Blade turned Spider-Man (Miles Morales) into a vampire in Blood Hunt No. 1. In issue No. 3, we learn why. Blade wanted his daughter (Brielle) removed and sent Miles to do it. After Spider-Man is brought to his senses, Dracula confirms this theory. Dracula says Brielle is the only thing standing in the way of Blade’s world domination because she’s his only weakness.

Writer: Jed MacKay

Enter the son of Apocalypse

Comic book: X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse

When Marvel Comics announced the Heir of Apocalypse mini-series, I should have known a long-lost character would appear. That character is the son of Apocalypse, Genocide (he’s gone by other names). Of course, he’d feel he’s the right heir to the title of Apocalypse. Thankfully, the current contestants (Armageddon Girl, Cable, Cypher, Emma Frost, Exodus, Forge, Gorgon, Mirage, Mr. Sinister, Penance, Rictor, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney) will have something to say about that.

Writer: Steve Foxe

The key to killing Deadpool

Comic book: Deadpool No. 3

Deadpool No. 1 started with Wade’s newest nemesis, Death Grip. Death Grip was both intrigued and annoyed that he couldn’t kill Deadpool. With that knowledge, the Merc with a Mouth became his new obsession. Knowing that death is something that escapes Wade, he gets the one thing that can kill him, the Muramasa Blade.

It’s doubtful Wade will be the one who gets hit with it. The revelation of Wade’s daughter Ellie’s healing factor could mean she takes the hit instead of her father. His life is too tragic for death to take him. If Ellie's not attacked, it'll likely be his dog, Princess who dies.

Writer: Cody Ziglar

The Kingpin is possessed

Comic book: Giant-Size Daredevil

Daredevil’s newest enemies haven’t been normal Matt Murdock villains. He’s been fighting the Seven Deadly Sins who've inhabited his friends. He’s defeated Sloth (Elektra), Gluttony (She-Hulk), Envy (Ben Urich), and Lust (Wolverine). The only ones left are Anger, Pride, and Averice. The latter is in Daredevil’s worst enemy, Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk.

During Giant-Size Daredevil No. 1, Wilson Fisk thinks this will be his last fight with Daredevil and that he can’t wait to ruin him. There’s another thought as well. As much as Fisk hates Matt and wants him defeated, Fisk hopes that Matt wins so his soul will be saved.

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Autobots abandoned

Comic book: Transformers No. 9

The Autobots find the Deciptons and make their way to take out their enemies. Prime and his team don’t know that Shockwave is Earth to help Soundwave take over the world. This surprise was enough to hand the Autobots’ biggest defeat since Cybertron. In the process, Ratchet is killed and Jazz and Cliffjumper are left while Optimus Prime and Elita retreat.

Shockwave says he’ll conduct painful experiments on the Cliffjumper and Jazz.

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Reed doesn’t believe in vampires

Comic book: Fantastic Four

Reed Richards has met gods, knows magic users, and went to Heaven (Fantastic Four No. 511). Despite that and what’s happening in Blood Hunt, he doesn’t believe in vampires. Reed is a man of science and everything that makes a vampire doesn’t make sense to him, even as they've bitten him and turned to dust after being hit with artificial sunlight.

Is this news? Not really, but it is funny.

Writer: Ryan North

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