Max Dillon’s birthday cake is an Electro Easter-egg in Amazing Spider-Man 2



There’s yet another Easter-egg in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 game which is chock-full of Easter eggs. We’ve already seen  a reference to the Daily Bugle viral site, a reference to a symbiote, a potential Doctor Octopus tease, Aleksei Sytsevich’s pants, a homage to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and a clever use of star-signs. But now we have Max Dillon’s self-made birthday cake.

Max Dillon’s Birthday Cake.

Whilst the cake was a good visual tool to help further Dillon’s unhealthy obsession with Spider-Man, and to help demonstrate just how tragic a character the social-outcast Max Dillon was the cake had one other purpose. As you can see the decoration is green and yellow which seems like a rather obvious nod towards the traditional costume and appearance we’ve come to associate with Electro.

Electro in his traditional green and yellow get-up

So there you go! The cake with the yellow lightning bolts and green trimming clearly resembles the character of Electro from the comic books and not the big, blue ‘Mr Freeze-esque’ Electro that we now know him as.

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