Web-Slinger Wednesday: Spider-Man News Roundup: 4/29/15


Every time I think the upcoming week is gonna be more quiet than the previous week, we get even more to deal with. If you missed what happened in the land of Spider-Man, this is gonna be a ride.


Paul Bettany joins in the growing list of quotes in support and excitement of Spider-Man being part of the MCU.

Joss Whedon is feeling a bit down by the fact he wasn’t able to use Spider-Man for both of the Avengers films. I’m feeling down, too.

Emma Stone was talking about being Gwen Stacy again…but the Ultimate Spider-Man version where she comes back as Carnage.

A couple of Avengers sat down for an interview and talked about how Spider-Man coming to MCU was something…not completely expected.

Daniel was reading between the lines, and I ain’t mad at him. It’s possible that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil could appear in the next Spider-Man film. But then, he also talks about how Spider-Man could appear on the show, Daredevil. If only one could happen, which one would you like to see?

So, the people behind the fake Spider-Man end of credits scene have come out to show you how it was made. I watched it. So should you.

So, it looks like Asa Butterfield is the leading guy to be the next Spider-Man.

We know Stan Lee right? So, in Marvel movies (as well as Sony Spider-Man and FOX Fantastic Four), Stan Lee has been making some decent cameos. By decent, I mean awesome. Anyway, he claims it was supposed to be a joke; not something that has become a standard. Let me say this though: The first movie without him is gonna feel odd. It’s almost like a scavenger hunt now.

Not sure how I feel about this, but, we have more “leaks” on the new Spider-Man movie. Apparently, Sony and Marvel are leaning towards “Spider-Man: The New Avengers” I mean, I guess that makes sense. It is still a rumor though; we don’t know for sure what it could be. Does that feel right to you?

The hits keep coming. While we have Asa as a projected front runner, Nate Wolff, who is part of a short list of the next Spider-Man, was asked about being Spider-Man. He basically dodged the question. However, we have an interesting endorsement for him. Vincent D’Onofrio, the guy who plays Kingpin in Daredevil, says Nate should be Spider-Man. Hit the same link for that.

Remember a while ago when an image appeared showing the very sad result of Sony not letting Spider-Man play with his fellow Marvel heroes from the MCU? Well, there’s a wonderfully adorable update that just makes me smile every time I see it. I almost forgot to finish this post!

Sony is working on an animated movie for 2018. I wonder who will voice Spider-Man. The current Drake Bell is actually pretty good. For video games, I like Josh Keaton. I wonder if either of them are involved or if they are getting another person who has voiced him…or someone new. Oh, and check out what Daniel thinks the movie could be at the end of the post. HMMMMMM! There is already a video game version on this subject, so it’s been done before. But hit the link.


So, most of us have probably heard about the terrible earthquakes in Nepal. Let’s keep that area in our prayers. A Spider-Man (trilogy) editor and her husband were found to be safe after being feared missing.

I talked about the “French Spider-Man” a couple of weeks ago. Well, in reference to Nepal, he climbed a skyscraper and attempted to place a Nepalese flag at the top. He made it, but the flag didn’t quick…stick.

Wow…that was a lot. There’s quite a bit to be excited about, right?

Keep swingin’!

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